Areas Covered

Discover all the latest construction projects and opportunities in Addis Ababa - the “Dubai of Africa”. As Addis’ skyline rockets uncover all the forthcoming projects in: residential construction, office construction, infrastructure, education construction, healthcare construction, and much more.

As Ethiopia invests heavily in power generation, significant opportunities are opening up for international construction companies. The World Bank has provided Ethiopia with millions of dollars in 5-year loans, in order to facilitate energy development. The government plans to increase the electric grid connectivity by 2020, and hope to begin construction on the Nile within the next year. Energy generation is forecast to register a 62% increase between 2016 and 2020 as the government remains committed to tackling its inadequate power supply by harnessing its hydropower and geothermal potential. Discover all the latest developments in power generation in Ethiopia and network with the key players behind it at the Ethiopia Build event.

Ethiopia Build will be examining the construction landscape for all major cities across Addis. Uncover all the latest developments, strategies and opportunities in urban areas across Ethiopia and benefit from extensive networking opportunities with the key players behind them.

As the population of Ethiopia (Africa’s second most populous country) rockets and its economy booms, residential construction is experienced significant growth across the country. Residential construction projects are transforming the skyline of Addis, including the enormous 21-storey tower development from Chinese developer Sinomark Real Estate that is expected to “change the face of the Ethiopian capital”. Ethiopia Build will uncover all the latest major residential construction projects across the country and provide attendees with meetings and networking opportunities with the developers, contractors and architects behind them.

Ethiopia is forecast a near 20% growth in infrastructure investment over the next year, and an average growth rate of over 10% over the next 10 years. Infrastructure projects in Ethiopia are vast and wide-ranging but focus heavily on transport. The government’s  Growth and Transportation Plan (GTP) is entering its second phase, from 2016-2020. This phase emphasises key focus on hotel and airport improvement, which should also help boost tourism and international investment. The government is determined to increase road coverage from 20% to 22% by August 2016, with assistance from the China Seventh Group and the Export-Import Bank of Korea. This project will focus on building another 917 km of roads. Ethiopia Build will cover all the latest projects and opportunities in Ethiopia in infrastructure.

Ethiopia Build will have a dedicated stream covering the latest infrastructure & construction projects across East Africa. Over $60 million is forecasted to be invested in mega-projects in East Africa in the coming years, and international investment in the region is currently higher than ever. East Africa Build will unites governments and construction leaders from across all of East Africa.