Aluform System GmbH

Aluform stands for decades of quality aluminium façade and roofing systems. Our high-end systems are used for public buildings, infrastructural projects and prestigious landmarks. Founded in 1910 and based in Germany, we truly rely on a vast experience which enables us to engineer innovative solutions for the dynamic construction market.

We serve the global market with our offices abroad to ensure that our high-end façade and roofing systems are available everywhere for investors, architects, consultants and contractors.  Customised advise and engineering solutions provides us with the competitive edge to maintain and expand our global presence.

Leading architect firms such as Zaha Hadid, Atkins Global, Arup, Benoy and GMP appreciate Aluform’s expertise LEED contribution and added-value in the designing stage, whereas contractors appraise our value-engineering for cost-effectiveness.

To maintain and confirm our high standards we are accredited and audited by official institutions such as DiBT from Germany, Factory Mutual (FM) from the USA and CSTB and from France.

Aluform is looking forward to increase their footprint in the highly potential African market.